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August 30, 2013 - GD Terni@Democratic Party
LGBT rights initiative: "of course: free and free to love"


In the context of cultural and political meetings that will take place at the party of the Democratic Party, this year for the first time will our Association Esedomani.
The first Lgbt Association ternana.
The meeting on the topic of lgbt civil rights and freedom, we will see on stage as presenters along with Sen. Sergio Lo Giudice former National President of Arcigay.
We invite all members and friends of Esedomani to be present in order to demonstrate that we have all titles, and children deserve to be on that stage.
At the bottom of us is better than talking about us...

GD Terni@Festa Democratica | Iniziativa sui diritti LGBT:
"Naturalmente diversi: liberi e libere di amare"




Thanks to the initiative of the lgbt Association "Esedomani Terni", in collaboration with the Associazione Ephebia and the Sale Rosa, Saturday, August 24, 2013, at 21.30 in Piazza of children and Teenagers, you can listen to live the "I am not Bogte" emerging Roman band presents in Terni the debut album "The discography is dead and I couldn't wait". The band, which has already submitted the album performing as opening of live concerts by Elisa, Giorgio Canali, Giovanni Gulino of Marta sui Tubi, with the release of their single "the black market of Hosts" exclusively for Rolling Stone Italy, becomes known in LGBT community of Italy with the release of the single "Papillon", focused on the topic of homosexuality, which is host to Milan Pride 2013. The music video for "Papillon" has received the support of all LGBT Associations in Italy and has surpassed 20.000 views in one week.
Esedomani Terni, celebrates its first year of operation, offering to the public Taheri the opportunity to hear live the Roman group that is already enjoying many successes throughout Italy and that is becoming a symbol of freedom to live openly their feelings, contrasting harshly against discrimination towards homosexuals.
The concert of 24 August will be made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Association from Ephebia fifteen years stands at Terni for the festival dedicated to the emerging rock groups and with the restaurant "The Sale Rosa", with which a partnership strengthens Esedomani started now for a few months.
The evening will begin at 20.30 with an aperitif at the Sale Rosa and continue to 21.30 with the concert in the local space.
Press Release: Maria Chiara Verrigni


9 August 2013 Esedomani... see a movie?


Third appointment with the film Club of Esedomani.
La vespa e La regina.
Renato, young gay, directs with his dearest friends a magazine for homosexuals called The gay after. To Renato the 'different' are the other, or heterosexuals. Looks like a very confident, even if parents are doing everything to hide it, and eventually that affects all the old granny. To her, now on the point of death, Renato promises that will try at least once to go with a woman. The promises are kept, and so the boy, without saying anything to employees, start searching for possible partners who eventually finds in Geneva, blonde and flashy. In fact Geneva au naturel is Brown and, especially, irreducible and lesbian leader of rock band 'The fucking sisters'. Also, for reasons of jealousy, wants to try the forbidden fruit, and the two begin dating. Little by little it happens that you fall in love, their sex life is turned upside down, and everyone is afraid of losing both friends and new partners. Both are silent, and the misunderstandings multiply in a aggrovigliatissimo between family and work. Finally it appears that everything has to come out. Reaffirmed their attachment to the first mates and their way of life, Renato and Geneva Crown with their dream wedding.


2 August 2013 Esedomani... see a movie?


Second appointment with the film Club of Esedomani.
This time we have chosen for you a beautiful film of Neil Hordan, Director of "the crying game".
BREAKFAST ON PLUTO tells the story of a young Irishman, Patrick, born of the affair between a Catholic priest and his housekeeper.
The boy, disowned by his parents for his sexual orientation, it grows together with a quirky group of friends in Ireland 70 years is occupied by the English and under the threat of IRA terrorists. Patrick will find their own way to live in tolerant and attractive. Poetic and touching Film about the search for identity.

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