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With yesterday afternoon's meeting between Esedomani and Agedo, we have set the stage for an important service for our families.
We are very proud and happy with the result and the match. It was a moment full of pathos and food for thought. Spring Palace room we counted approximately eighty between parents and children.
The event sponsored by the city of Terni, saw the participation of the local councillor for culture and equal opportunities in the province of Terni Avv. Stefania Cherubini. The Municipal Assessors Guerra and Tedeschi sent a message of support. Were present in the room representatives of the press and the local tv that did an extensive account of the meeting. The meeting after the initial greeting from our President got its central point with the participation of two representatives of Agedo. The words and the concepts expressed by Prof. Ettore Ciano, Agedo by Rome's hit all family members present. Prof. Ciano explained how the difficulty and the pain of a homosexual person facing your own path of personal and social acceptance are experienced equally by the family of origin. Gave the vision of a family crushed more than beliefs and by the closure of a company that, by the difficulty to accept a gay child. A homophobic society and free gastronomy, imbued with ideological myths and falsehoods. The second solution, Agedo by these difficulties lies in the confrontation and in the communication between peers and with her children, hence the idea of an association dedicated to our parents. A space to recover the parents and children of their affective bonds put in difficulty by a company almost always homophobic.
The Agedo by Rome brought a fantastic video of the wedding of two young Romans, happened in Oslo. What struck us all of the video, were the emotions and feelings that friends, relatives and parents expressed towards the bride and groom. A great feeling of happiness and hope for their future. Joy, love, feelings and emotions that do not originate from a person's sexual orientation as from his being and emotional ties that constitute it. The meeting continued with the intervention of our partner and psychotherapist Paola Cipolla that told us about the new and exciting experience of the youth group of Esedomani. Paola has conveyed the idea that the sexual orientation of a person must be an asset and not a boundary, and this essential step family support, amicale and the Association plays a central role.
We listened with interest to the speech by Dr. Maurizio Bechi who spoke about her experiences in youth service. Esedomani has embarked on a collaboration with ASL Sagittarius, directed by Dr. Bechi, and dedicated to young people in difficulty. Esedomani also will be intra-regional project partners social skill on the web network Dr. Bechi and Dott.ssa Giulia Chiaccerini.
The closure of the meeting was entrusted to two women in leg...
Gabriella Musso told Rainbow families, our future... our children and Donatella Maharjan our contact person for the nascent group Esedomani's parents who sent us his mother's pride and his willingness to get involved along with other families who join the group. Along with Donatella has taken the word his son Michael to reaffirm the importance of the family in addressing the difficulties of living in the sunlight the right orientation.
In the end we came out more rich of emotions and ideas for growth, we are even more community...

P.s. Special thanks to our friends at Omphalos Perugia for their presence and welcome to Adriano Lorenzoni of Terni in rete for journalistic coverage. Thanks to Alessandra, Michael, Simona, Maria Chiara and Irene for the job...


When we started the adventure of Esedomani were full of doubts and few certainties, but those few that we were and are of granite. We were, and we are convinced that we should not, create separate micromondi or closed, but we believed first in integration and belong to a local community. We wanted to make esedomani an association open, interested and available to all citizens of Terni. We were, and we are convinced that sexual orientation doesn't define a person, is an important part of themselves but is a part, not the whole thing, not the person as a whole. The orientation cannot become a meter to judge the value of a person. Are the values, ethics, feelings, etc. that can make people differ from each other in good times and bad. We were and we are convinced that family ties and emotional represent the roots of a tree, ourselves, that grows and develops with its leaves, the life that each of us is able to live. After, in this past year, working together with our partners and friends on the equal value of the homosexual person, today we are going to convey to others our affective and familiar world. Our being person stems from having roots and links, from being taken, and loved by our parents. We are not born by accident or by the grace received. Our sexual orientation is accepted or rejected for first from our families have suffered, enjoyed or hated with us and for us. The truth is that we have a family we had or is there we have it. We have our sources, our roots, our inseparable bonds.
It is this glaring truth, should put an end to all theories on diversity, we homosexual persons are capable of loving and generate because we have been loved and raised, like all other human beings. In our idea of esedomani we immediately thought to dedicate a space to our family life, of origin or acquired. For this reason we turned to hosted by Rome. The Hosted (Association of parents, relatives and friends of homosexuals) was established in 1992, and we intend to continue with our parents, relatives and friends that road started in Milan 20 years ago. The road of the history and roots of all of us, and the way of help to those who, family, is facing difficulties in the process of acceptance of the sexual orientation of its own. For this we esedomani Saturday January 25 will be hosted by group, parents, relatives and friends, in Terni. We have arranged this public meeting to acquaint our city this important national realities, and to launch our new adventure together with our family. Come and support us and especially bring your loved ones, today we not only show your pride to homosexuals, but to show people your roots your emotional ties.
Once again we prove that our being person, worthy of being lived and protected as that of others. It will also be an opportunity to talk about the new reality of FAMIGLIE ARCOBALENO Umbre, our future...
Thanks to the generosity of friends hosted by Rome Office for their support and the closeness that we are demonstrating.
The event has the patronage of the municipality of Terni.

P.s. to days we we other esedomani initiatives:
the literary competition, our video on coming out, the three-day program of may against homophobia and much more... support us, become an affiliate, site of us and proud of yourself.

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