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25 June 2013 Esedomani... see a movie?


Last meeting for this mini review organized by us. This week the film will be screened on Tuesday, 25 JUNE 2013 always at "Sala Laura" in Via Carrara, 2 - Terni starting at 21. As usual we will be able to enjoy an aperitif before dinner at a cost of only 5 Euros at the MASA Cafe which is located in Via Carrara at number 12. Before the movie, we will screen a collage of video images and interviews, made by Irene Nicolosi with the help of home movies shot by Alessandra Colombini and by Francesca Canali, recounting the brief but intense history of Terni Esedomani Association. 21.30 o'clock you can attend a 2006 film directed by Duncan Tucker entitled TRANSAMERICA starring FELICITY HUFFMANN, one of the protagonists of DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE. Bree, a woman in all respects, the only step that lacking to feel fully realized is the operation which will definitively her femininity. But the pool of doctors that follows is not yet convinced that it is the right time to recover: Bree's relationship with his son is now a teenager conceived one night many years ago. The film is touching and poetic, is the story of a quest for a double title recognition: recognition of itself through your body, and the recognition of patenità. As usual, if I were you, don't lose this Pearl of transsexual film.


23 June 2013 Out Craft "Craftsmanship is Outing"


Dear friends, this time amaze with special effects. We arranged for Sunday June 23 a market hobby and crafts: CRAFT OUT – the craft is OUTING that will be hosted in outer space of Sale Rosa Restaurant, located in Piazza dei children (formerly P.zza Solferino). The craftsmen begin exposing their creations starting at 17 and held us company throughout the evening. From the pink salt 20.15 organizes a luxurious Cocktail/dinner costs 8 euros. But it doesn't stop there! During the dinner will offer you a LIVE concert of "BREATHE ACOUSTIC DUO", the group born in 2012 from an idea of Margherita Rinaldi (vocals) and Elvys Damian (guitar), both professors at a musical structure in Terni, in Umbria. The idea is to reinterpret songs from different styles, not just those usually available in acoustic situations through the use of guitar and vocals, used in a more or less traditional, in order to bring up the essence of the songs themselves, their breath. The international music repertoire ranges from pop, funk, blues and jazz standards, reinterpreted and rearranged in a way.


20 June 2013 Esedomani... see a movie?


Third appointment with the film review of "Esedomani Terni, which is getting a great consensus on your part. As last Thursday, starting at 20.15, the MASA will drink COFFEE dinner at a cost of 5 euros. At 21.30, in Via Carrara n. 2, at "Sala Laura", we will screen a Spanish comedy of 2005 by Manuel Gomez Pereira entitled REINAS, with Carmen Maura, Marisa Paredes. REINAS is inspired by a historical event for the Spanish gay community: the first same-sex marriage celebrated in the Iberian Peninsula. Five mothers themselves to organize such anxieties, enthusiasm, puzzlement, the marriage of their children. In the film are interwoven themes of classic comedy of misunderstanding with hilarious gags and sparkling dialogues. A brilliant and comedy (case quite rare for the genre films), with a happy ending. If I were you Thursday, 20 June at 21.30 hours, I would refer any commitment to attend this movie... because eventually there will be the usual refreshments...


15 June 2013 Rome Pride


The Esedomani Association will attend the Gay Pride parade in Rome on 15 June. Launch the proposal to all our girlfriends and friends of lgbt and straight communities to be present in Rome with us. We have a craving to parade, to show us proud of our people and lives, we want to be part of the great national lgbt community, that jubilant incontrera in Rome. We want to do our part, the part of Terni, in the affirmation of our right to existence and recognition. We want to enjoy ourselves and let us go. Our partner Irene has prepared a shirt for the occasion to wear during the parade. The design is what you see in the image below. This shirt will be made upon request, who wants to order it as soon as possible. The Pik-Up, beat me with Cristiano and his associates have already joined...


13 June 2013 Esedomani... see a movie?


Continue the appointment with the film review of "Esedomani Terni" Thursday, 13 June at 21.00 o'clock at "Sala Laura" in Via Carrara, 2 in Terni. Before the movie, we organized a dinner at MASA drink coffee, which as you all know is located in Via Carrara n. 12, then two steps away from the room. The cost of the drink is only 5 euros and will be served starting at 20.00. For this second projection, we offer a play by Lisa Chodolenko, produced in the United States in 2010 entitled "the KIDS are ALRIGHT". The stellar cast, especially the two protagonists: Annette Bening and Julianne Moore, who play a middle-aged lesbian couple with two teenage children with artificial insemination. The quiet family life is suddenly turned upside down when the boys decide to learn about the natural father, and one of their mothers "slips" into a relationship with him. The film lives of pungent dialogue, masterful interpretations of the actors, and a sense of lightness and irony that dissolves even the most dramatic aspects of the story. "The KIDS are ALRIGHT" can be considered a traditional comedy about an unconventional family.


6 June 2013 Esedomani... see a movie?


Dear friends, as promised by Thursday we will begin the LGBT themed film festival that we thought we'd call "ESEDOMANI... SEE A MOVIE?". The first appointment is on Thursday JUNE 6 at 21.00 at Sala Laura in Via Carrara, 2 - Terni. The film we're going to propose, is TOMBOY, French filmmaker Celine Sciamma's who won the press jury and audience at the Gay Film Festival in Turin in 2011. The subject matter is the discovery of sexual identity: Laure, a child of ten, she moved with her family to a new neighborhood of Paris, decides to go to friends as a boy: the way you dress and not suspected Combs, and was accepted into the group as Mickael. Obviously little by little the game of disguises is complicated... This film is in our opinion a little gem, especially because look at the world of childhood through the eyes of a child. The young actors are mostly not professionals and this makes the atmosphere of every single scene extraordinarily fresh and genuine.

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