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17 May 2013 Stop Omobia


Friday, May 17, 2013, on the occasion of world day against homophobia, the Association Esedomani Terni, under the patronage of the municipality and the province of Terni, in collaboration with associations freely, Terni, the cultural association "Mandela" Project and the Social Centre "Germinal Cimarelli", organizes an unprecedented event in the city.
At 16.30, in the video conferencing of the Biblioteca Comunale di Terni (second floor), will hold a seminar on homophobia held by Dr. Roberto Desi and Dott.ssa Paola onion, which will follow the screening of short films and commercials, both national and international among the most representative on the subject.
At 18.30 svolegerà collective performance is open to the participation of all, which will start from Piazza Tacitus to reach Piazza della Repubblica, symbolically crossing the heart of the city. The operation will be to muster as many couples of any sexual orientation, race or religion who wish to attend the event, which will increase the procession along the way along Tacito towards Piazza della Repubblica, holding hands or hugging.
Upon arrival in Piazza della Repubblica on notes of the song "Aquarius", taken from the film "Hair", all couples deepen into a huge circle. Each of the participants will be wearing one of the shirts with the inscription "STOP HOMOPHOBIA!: May 17, 2013" which will be implemented by the Association Esedomani Terni. After the performance the appointment will be in Piazza dei children (formerly Piazza Solferino), to share the feelings of the day and to say goodbye.
The message that the Association Esedomani Terni and ternane associations that promote the event want to launch will be, not just to say "Stop homophobia", but also to all forms of discrimination and inequalities that make impossible the true birth of a civil society based on fundamental rights for the protection and defense of the freedom of each individual, as enshrined in article 3 of the Italian Constitution. The recognition of civil rights is a necessity of each, for this we need the participation of all those who think that it is really possible to live in a better society based on respect and tolerance. We believe. Confident in the collection.
Press Release: Maria Chiara Verrigni

17 maggio 2013 - STOP OMOFOBIA!

4 May 2013 Concert Live Thumbsucker CMYK + dj set


Toy keyboards, analog synths, digital media and a heavenly, this guitar is basically Thumbsucker. "Electric orchestra Man" moves between dilated atmospheres and cross-references to the electrowave brazenly 80' Cmyk is the name in art by Eugenio Della Mora on drums for the occasion with Thumbsucker, former member of the Outback, we (haiku punk) and Die Abete.

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